Importance of Having the Right Logo For Your Brand or Company

If you think of any big brand, the first thing that comes to mind besides the product or service they sell is their logo. If you talk to any big corporation marketing executive, branding is a part of their marketing strategy. Brand recognition is huge and without a legitimate logo to go with your brand, the brand can lose some potential.

Logos can be as simple as text to a very nice, cool and hip design. The more complex the logo gets, it seems the less it can be replicated and if you look at the big companies, you’ll see how simple their logo is. Let’s start with some examples.

Google: This just may be the most recognizable logo online. It’s probably one you see on a daily basis if you use Google which most of people that search online do at least once a day. This is just a simple text logo with 3-4 different colors. If you look at the two other big search engines, Yahoo and Bing, both of their logos is also just their name in a styled font.

Coke: Probably the most famous logo in all soft drinks brand because it is the most popular soft drink in the world. From the United States to all corners of the world, the Coke logo is everywhere. Over the years, it has changed but never went through a major change, always kept its essence.

New York Times: The New York Times is the most prominent newspaper in the United States and also known worldwide. The newspaper logos have also kept it simple since the beginning of newspapers. Even new media such as new online magazines such as the Huffington Post keep their logos simple.

What if you’re a new company or just a new website and don’t think the logo is important? Well think of it this way. The name of your company and logo are the first thing people see and really are a big representation of your company.

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