Monster Male Enhancement

Blacart was contacted to work in conjunction with our buddy Bryan over @ RESEN who referred our services to the owner of Monster Male Enhancement. I have to say. . . this was one of the more fun projects we have gotten to be a part of just due to the nature of the project. The great thing about our job is the constant change of things we work on and the different industries we work within. Just earlier in the day prior to the initial phone call with MME we were working on “Cupcakes” and a new client in the baking industry. . . I mean, if this isn’t one end of the spectrum to the other I don’t know what is. The photos you see here do it no justice to what it looks like in person as the colors are absolutely insane! Free Cupcakes and Enhancements @ BCG. . . Enjoy!

Well we just finished wrapping this bad boy and we are more than happy with the end result! We incorporated a Carbon Fiber inlay into the hood which was an after thought that was probably the coolest addition to this outlandish vehicle. . . Here’s some more pics!




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