Seifert Synopsis – Final Round LOORS, Firebird Raceway

The final round of the Lucas Oil Off Road series was exciting and heart wrenching all at the same time. The Seifert Motorsports team worked extremely hard to get the Pro2 ready for the final round. . . Chromed out and ready to go!

We arrived in Chandler Arizona on Thursday, setup our pit at the track and then headed out to dinner with the Eric Barron team to discuss the racing for the weekend. . . great time as always.


Our first practice session on Friday didn’t go so well as we had major communication issues with our radios. . . Big Mark made some adjustments and got the radio situation handled. We were mid pack with 18 trucks in the field, had a team meeting after the practice session to get a game plan. We decided to change underdrive gear, change tire grooving, and we also made some suspension changes. Time for qualifying. . .

Headed out for qualification and feeling pretty good with the changes that were made. Radio issue was better but not completely fixed and didn’t have a clue to how fast we were as I couldn’t communicate. Knowing that all the fast times come on the last laps, with 5 laps complete we ripped the top mount off of the rear end. . . not too happy. I was able to drive the truck back to the pits to see Big Mark running full speed at me as I was getting out of the truck. . . I thought about getting back in the truck in case he couldn’t slow down! The rest of the crew followed close behind and everyone was happy and excited as we were able to get a decent qualification of 6th place. After pulling a “P” and inverting the field, We were on “POLE” for Saturday’s race!! What a perfect opportunity to showcase the Chrome Pro2! Now comes the fun of fixing our problems to get ready for Saturday.

We had to fix the rear end mount, fix the radio issue we still had and get the truck looking presentable for Saturday. A bunch of sponsors stopped by and offered to help us out which is always great. Much appreciated!


Turning some heads we have the SakTea Pro2 all dialed in and ready to go with the newly chromed body. We had originally chromed a body for show purposes only because of the painstaking time it took to do so. . . not to mention the cost. Since we were on pole for the race and it was the last race of the season I decided to run the chrome body. . . ouch.

You would have swore a huge anchor came flying out of the back of our truck because we went from 1st to 3rd real quick. We ran in 3rd for quite some time and kept the leaders in our sight. At about lap 13 another driver had plans for us. . . Getting hit from behind and sent off a jump sideways only produces one result. . . end over end we go and I’m sure a chrome truck flipping through the Arizona sun was quite a sight to see from the stands.

On a good note:

We were fast and had a great showing. I wish we could have been able to finish the race but 2013 will definitely be a good year for us.

I want to THANK each and every guy on our TEAM, all of our sponsors that make it happen for us and everyone for their continued support!

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